Increase your sales through…
….better control over customer feedback and ratings

  • Proactive accumulation of customer feedback
  • Arbitration in the event of negative ratings
  • Protection from insults and profanity
  • Attractive display of Ratings and Reviews with the FOXRATE Seal of Approval
  • Increase your number of ratings using Remind2Rate
  • Effortless, fully automated positive ratings without any effort on your side
  • Circulation of ratings through Google and data feed marketing
  • More control through comprehensive statistics

Increase your sales through…
…improved customer communication

  • Show your customers that you value their opinion!
  • Quick and personal reactions prevent misunderstandings and escalation
  • Provide your customers with the opportunity to voice their opinion
  • Take your shoppers seriously with our Feedback-Tool

Increase your sales through…
…Product reviews and feedback

  • Your customers advertise your products precisely where they can be purchased
  • Direct feedback regarding the quality of your product line helps you recognize bestsellers and possible shelf warmers early
  • Reduced purchase returns (“Shoe size tends to be a bit larger”)

Getting Stylish Lanyards and Badge Holders

While it may not be your choice to put on lanyards and badge holders at work, you do not have to wear the same old lanyards and badge holders all year round. It quickly becomes a bad fashion accessory, and it may not even go well with your outfit or uniform. Assuming your company does not prohibit creativity, there are a couple of styles that are available if you just look around and so some shopping for lanyards and badge holders.

Stylish Lanyards and Badge Holders

Although the notion of lanyards and badge holders has been around for a long time, you can be sure that there are currently styles that are available that flow with the fashion trends of the day. You can find lanyards and badge holders that will match almost every outfit in your closet. Lanyards are typically made from cotton, nylon or polyester. These are the least expensive materials.


You can also get shoe-lace type lanyards and badge holders, which work really well for young people. They are both casual and comfortable, which makes them suitable for the young and young at heart. These lanyards and badge holders also come in a range of colors and can be worn to complement or match an outfit. Casual dressing is really the most variable style of dressing that is available, and the range of lanyards and badge holders are not restrictive either.


In corporate settings, you will want to look a little more official, since you probably have to wear official outfits to work. Casual lanyards and badge holders will be inappropriate in such situations, but this does not mean that there is no option for you. Beaded lanyards and badge holders are pretty classy and can match well with office outfits, the same way that beaded jewelry are appropriate for official wear.


However, when it comes to beaded lanyards and badge holders, you should be careful to go for quality products. There are a lot of cheap beaded lanyards and badge holders on sale, and their beauty might be catching, as well as the price. The problem with cheap beaded lanyards and badge holders will be discovered a few days or weeks depending on the use. They will suddenly cut, sending the beads flying every which way. This can be very embarrassing, especially if you are at work or worse yet, when making a presentation.


You can also find braided lanyards and badge holders. These are very intricately made, and if you go for those that are braided by hand, you are sure to get very exquisite pieces that are unlikely to go unnoticed. Hand-braided lanyards and badge holders will come at an extra cost, but the durability and quality will more than make up for that.


All you have to do is look around at Southern Girls Gifts. Look at all the options and user reviews, and you are about to own your next best accessory. Finding stylish lanyards and badge holders should not be a problem.

Product Reviews and Consumer Knowledge

How to Determine Which Online Product Evaluation Service to Use

Product reviews and consumer knowledge

Continually the internet becomes more densely populated and harder to navigate. For consumers seeking to strike the best deal or buy the best quality available, this hyper-jungle often leads to increased confusion and uncertainty rather than to more comprehensive information. The reasons for this confusion are many, but most prominently common guidelines on how to soundly and accurately review products are non-existent. In the following a good strategy for optimized end results when researching products and shopping online will be presented.

Category-specific Product Review Sites

Which product reviews site is the best depends on how far along the consumer has come in the decision-making process. In general consumers have some idea of the category in which the product they want to purchase belongs.

For instance a consumer who wants to purchase a laptop knows that this item can be categorized under electronics, and even under computers. If this is the case the consumer needs a product comparison site which presents an overview of laptops ranked in accordance with factors like quality, price, bonus equipment and so forth. There are many such services available throughout the internet, it is possible to navigate via Electronics and Computers to Laptop Computers, and then filter the reviews by price, brands or features.

Product-specific Evaluation Sites

The pool of consumer product reviews will be more specific and of better quality only if the search term is, and thus in cases where consumers know what they want or are close to knowing what they want, useful reviews will be more readily available. In such a scenario a broad category-based product review site is unnecessary, and may indeed not be helpful at all. At the same time a simple Google-search does not offer as well organized information as preferred, and the query would have to be relatively complex in order to filter out unintended results.

Consequently the consumer should look for a product evaluation site which acts as a search engine for reviews. Scour the web for the best, and certainly the most dynamic sites currently offering such services online.  At this site the consumer can plot in the product or products in question, and then sort the results according to price, popularity, user ratings, editor ratings or review date.

Research of Product Comparisons Finished – Now for the Purchase

Check out price comparison sites before making a purchase.

When the required research is done, it is time to make the purchase. The customer could of course use the prices and links provided on the product evaluation sites, but in order to acquire the lowest cost possible, a price comparison website is an obvious first choice for this job.

Optimal Utilization of Online Product Reviews – Step-by-Step

  1. The consumer must find out what he/she is looking for – is the query broad or specific?
  2. The consumer must choose a category-specific or a product-specific product review site, and then use the filtering options most useful in order to reach an optimal informed decision.
  3. After research is done, the consumer should use a price comparison site and purchase from the provider offering the best price available.

Consumer Rights with Fraud TV Infomercial Telemarketing Schemes

Disclaimer: The contents of this article are not intended to give the reader legal advice. The article may guide readers to contact financial consultants and point possible victims to government agencies who can investigate and determine intent, and take legal steps to stop consumer fraud. Examples are excerpts from online reports and may or may not be actual fact.

Fraud takes on many faces and involves many avenues. Some television infomercial schemes are no exception. Nightly infomercials are especially dangerous due to the tired and vulnerable state of mind associated with the worry and fatigue some viewers may be experiencing. Free money, instant cures and “things the government, banks or drug companies do not want you to know”, are common trash talk for pitch men.

Fraudulent Companies Prey on the Vulnerable

Money schemes that lead to telemarketers who pressure for more product and add on charges not authorized are illegal and fraud.

For instance, a customer who is worried about bills made a call to buy product on how to get free money, and is bombarded by offers of more product. All products except the product offered on T.V. were refused.

In the end, the customer still had double the charges that were advertised. The customer tried to cancel, but was informed that the order was already in. A credit card or debit card number had already been submitted. The operator gave the customer another number that lead to a telemarketer who said they couldn’t cancel it because there is no order information in the data base yet.

The upset customer did some research after the fact and found that other customers had been duped.

According to resources at government sites, ethical companies will comply right way. Unethical businesses will make excuses and say that the order cannot be repealed because it is already in.

While the customer was trying to remedy the situation, the product came to the door and the customer refused it, but the money was not returned. Not only that, other charges kept appearing for monthly online newsletters and other unauthorized products that had been refused in the first call.

This transaction became a scheme when the customer could not cancel the order right away. Then it became a criminal fraud issue with unauthorized charges and product that was returned unopened.

Fraud Victim Options

According to the FBI fraud department, the first thing a customer should do is to get in touch with the bank or credit card company immediately after hanging up to report the incident. Give detailed information on all actions.

If the charges were paid by debit card, the consumer may be warranted to stop payment, but that will cost a fee of about $30.00 or more. Another option may be to allow the payment to post and call the card number and file a dispute stating facts and the date of transaction and subsequent actions in detail. If and when the package arrives, return it unopened and, if the bank Customer Service Representative deems it necessary, report in writing that the package was refused.

Disputing Credit Card Fraud Charges

Depending upon the credit card company, disputes can be handled in different ways. By far it is the safest way to purchase product, because your bank account is not put into jeopardy. If a credit card bill comes charging for product not received, and the billing company listed does not comply with reversing the charges to the credit card company, get in touch with the credit card company number on the back of the card or at the top of the bill.

If it is not apparent until the statement of the account arrives that fraud has been committed and that there are added unauthorized charges, the customer may still be able to get some relief. If the package was opened, and proves to be unsatisfactory, or more products or charges were added than what was authorized, send it all back with tracking and with a letter requesting return of money for the entire package. If other product continues to come from the company, return unopened and contact the company asking that it be stopped. If unopened copy the date and all tracking numbers before taking the package back to the post office.

Stopping Further Damage

Keep detailed records, (dates, time, sales representative names, events), of all transactions.

It may be a good idea to put a fraud alert on any credit card associated with the transaction or close it altogether if there are no other charges expected. Bank accounts can be closed and then reopened.

Be Alert, Research and Avoid Victimization

In order to stop fraud from happening, research by doing an internet search of the company or seller’s name and product being considered, regardless of the endorsements behind them. Television infomercials, commercials, newspaper ads, and internet websites are not required to be investigated for fraudulent or less than ethical activities before air time.

Unfortunately, it is up to each individual to guard financial information and identities to avoid being victimized.

Take charge against scam artist. Help fight crime by reporting fraudulent activity to the FBI fraud unit or the Federal Trade Commission.

A New Frontier in Mutual Funds

The popularity of the Internet is surely creating a new breed of mutual fund, as the newly registered Allied Owners Action Fund (no symbol yet) will strive to promote shareholder scrutiny and debate in an open online forum. Management seeks to benefit from the interaction of ideas and strategies from its shareholders, hoping that active, insightful participation by shareholders will help unlock the value of invested companies.

The fund will be managed by Privateer Asset Management of New York, which will have all acquisitions, news, data and analysis of the fund’s investments posted on an independent website called eRaider. Using an outside moderator to oversee online communications, the site will post a “no market manipulation” warning to discourage individuals from posting false and manipulative information (it can’t guarantee that such misdeeds won’t happen, of course). Fund management will not partake in these discussions.

The fund will invest up to five percent of assets in relatively large stakes of 20 or fewer small to medium-sized capitalization (below $500 million) domestic companies. In addition, the fund will allocate no more than 25 percent to any one industry. Total operating expenses are not disclosed in the SEC filing, but management fees are capped at one percent and the fund will maintain an annual distribution fee. The fund will attempt to limit portfolio turnover in order to minimize costs and taxes. Minimum investments start at $2,500 for regular accounts, with no specific information provided for retirement accounts.

Savvy investors are well familiar with the risks of investing, but potential shareholders of Allied Owners Action Fund face the additional risk of the fund’s message boards attracting misinformation and manipulative information that could adversely affect the fund’s holdings. But if you want a fund where shareholders have a voice, no matter how small, through informed and thoughtful discussions, perhaps the fund merits consideration. The fund is currently stuck in the SEC’s “quiet period.”

The Beauty of the World through Colored Contact Lenses

Sometimes the desire to change your look appears. You change the hairstyle, its color, buy new clothes — but it’s so simple and not as effective as — changing your eye color. People say, “Eyes are the window to the soul.” So, probably, with the change of their color, the perception of the world will change as well. Women can’t be the same every day; they’re used to changing for their mood rise and their beloved man. To change the color of one’s eyes is as essential as to change the hairstyle. So, if you want to make your eyes naturally light, grey, blue or green, you simply can buy colored contacts for dark eyes.

Contact Lens Concept by Da VinciA Bit of History

The history of contact lenses started in 1508 with now-famous Leonardo da Vinci invented lenses that could change the optical properties of an eye. And in 1887, the doctor and inventor F. Muller used glass lenses in practice.

The first glass lenses covered the entire eye area, that was not so comfortable and had some negative consequences. And in 1947 small contact lenses were invented.

Modern contact lenses allow a person with low vision to feel more confident. They can be used not only to improve vision but to change eye color as well. That’s why contact lenses are in high demand all over the world, and some ladies can’t imagine their life without them.

What kinds of contact lenses exist?

Nowadays, contact lenses are not uncommon. Anyone can change their eye color for any other color they like, as the Acuvue contact lenses, we see today. Acquisition of the lenses doesn’t necessarily show that one has bad sight. The manufacturers offer such colored contact lenses as:

Also, there are lenses with pictures for carnivals. If your eyes are dark, you should choose bright lenses with colored toning. If you don’t want to change the color but make it more significant, you should choose shaded contacts. New contact lenses for dark eyes look rather naturally. They have different shades, stripes. After long-time research, the manufacturers of contact lenses reached the conclusion that natural eye color with a dark circle around the iris and a gold-ringed pupil is the most beautiful eye pattern.

How to choose the best colored contacts for dark eyes?

Selecting a new color of your eyes, you should remember several important points to make your eyes look natural and realistic:

  • Skin color – if you have a light complexion, the light shades of green, navy blue or blue-green shades will suit you well.  Blue or purple lenses will suit people with ordinary complexion. Amethyst and sapphire color, as well as dark green and dark blue, will look good if your complexion is dark.
  • The frequency of wearing colored lenses – you need to decide how often you’re going to wear colored contact lenses. If you want to change eye color on a specific event or holiday – make a stunning choice in favor of green, blue or purple and surprise others with unusual bright eyes. If you plan a constant (daily) wear of colored lenses – do not overwhelm others with unusual bright colors that do not blend well with your appearance. In this case, the lenses of walnut or dark green color will suit you more. For example, amethyst, or a tone lighter your natural eye color.

To change the color of dark eyes is, obviously, a bit more complicated than of light ones. If the blue-eyed people can often achieve the desired result simply by using shaded lenses, the owners of dark eyes in most cases have to pay more attention to color lenses. But it’s not a problem nowadays – fortunately, the variety of colored contacts for dark eyes is wide enough to be able to find exactly what you want. It may take time, of course, but the result is worth it.

Never Too Poor to Make Your Savings Grow

There are many things in life that are dependent on your income. But one thing that isn’t is your ability to save. Everyone can save money. You are never too poor to put a little something away. It may not be a lot of money, but even small amounts will add up. There are several things you can do that will make a difference over time.

  1. Save your change. The power of change is often understated. I first learned about the power of change while working at a coffee shop. Customers often left their change as a tip. Fifty cents here, a quarter there, maybe the occasional dollar bill. It doesn’t sound like much, but at the end of a 6-hour shift, my co-workers and I often had over $200 to split among us. Which worked out to about $40 each. My second lesson was when I met my husband. He has a 5-gallon water bottle that he puts his change into. The first time we emptied it we had enough money to pay for our honeymoon. He is currently saving up for a smart TV. I do not doubt that one day we will have a new TV paid for entirely by a change.
  2. Set up direct deposit. There is no easier way to save than just making it automatic. The most painless way to do this is to set it up right after you get a raise. But that doesn’t mean to wait until your next raise. Even $5 or $10 a paycheck will add up over time. Start small and increase it little by little.
  3. Couple saving money togetherClaim zero. If you can’t stand having money in an account staring at you in the face, then let the government hold it for you. I know you will be losing some interest, but we aren’t talking about a lot of money here. If you put $100 every two weeks into a savings account earning 2%, you will only earn $27 a year. So, if temptation often gets the best of you saving up for a big tax return is an option worth considering.
  4. Tuck away a windfall. Every once in a while, a lump sum comes along. Whether it be a bonus from work, a birthday gift, or ahem — a tax return. Take that money straight to the bank. This is something I’ve pretty much always done. So much so that when my dad gave me money as a high school graduation gift, he ordered me to spend half of it.
  5. Pay extra towards your debt. I consider paying down debt as a form of savings because you’re using the money to make your future easier. So again, if you have trouble not spending your savings then paying down debt is a good thing to do with your extra money. I would rather see you paying down debt than spending aimlessly.

If you do some (or all) of these things, you will see your savings grow over time. A lot of small changes add up to significant changes over time. You’ll never regret it!

How to Save on Grocery Shopping

Many shoppers often hope to find big bargains of their favorite products. Before they purchase groceries, they often want the best affordable prices possible for anything they need. While there are plenty of grocery stores helping to do just that, shoppers can save even more money at their own convenience. Making plans at home, paying attention to coupons and sales, and developing better shopping habits are some good ways to save on grocery bills.

1.) Use Coupons

Look for coupons that are occasionally found in your mail, newspapers, or at several grocery store stands. A Sunday newspaper normally includes many coupons from local stores that are good for the upcoming week. Cut out the coupons of your choice and keep them in a safe place before you start shopping.

Keeping a grocery list will save you from unnecessary expenses2.) Plan Ahead

Know in advance of the foods you want to cook for the week. Create a list of them, too. Don’t consider buying so much junk food. In addition to having a lack of nutrition, that can be very costly. Before you shop, take the list with you and purchase only what you wrote on your list.

3.) Avoid Shopping While Hungry

Maintaining an appetite can affect your grocery bill. If you decide to shop while hungry, you may find yourself buying a snack which you don’t necessarily need. If that appears to be a problem for you, get shopping immediately after eating a big meal. This way, you will be full and won’t be attempted to purchase binge foods, such as a bag of potato chips or cookies.

4.) Shop Alone

Try to do your shopping alone. Shopping with children can cause you to unintentionally buy things for them. On occasion, their impulses about wanting candy bars or snack foods may put a dent in your spending.

5.) Go Shopping Once a Week

Do your best to not shop more than once a week. An evening of shopping on a Monday can be better than shopping on multiple days weekly. You could be forcing yourself to purchase foods you may not need once you shop at your grocery store a few days later. If you feel Wednesday will be the day when you see something that is on sale, do your routine shopping on that particular day.

Many shoppers want to save money. They want to save so they can use it for their next grocery bill, or any bill. Take your time, plan accordingly, and be aware of any advertisements or sale tags that appear throughout your favorite grocery store. You could wind up saving hundreds of dollars by the end of the year.

Guide to Easy to Get Credit Cards

The majority of consumers seek easy to get credit cards when they have experienced credit difficulties in the past. Failing to comply with the terms and conditions of a credit agreement will be reported to Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion (the three leading credit reference agencies). A poor credit rating can make it more difficult to get a low credit score credit card, loan or home mortgage in the future.

The Terms of Easy to Get Credit Cards

A guaranteed approval credit card will typically enjoy less favorable terms because of the higher risk of the borrower defaulting. This will normally mean a higher interest rate, annual fees, and other miscellaneous charges. Bad credit history credit cards normally only have a low initial credit limit, although this can generally be increased once at least six repayments have been made on time.

Bad credit historyTypes of Bad Credit History Credit Cards

Secured credit cards. The customer uses their home, car or a cash deposit as collateral in return for a higher credit limit. It is very important to appreciate that failing to keep up with the monthly repayments will lead to that item being sold to recover their money.

Pre-paid credit cards. Money is loaded onto the card in return for a fee. Although there is no credit limit, it works in the same way as any other card. There is no credit reporting so it isn’t suitable for rebuilding credit. An excellent card for improving money management.

Unsecured bad credit cards. These cards typically have higher fees/charges in return for a small credit limit. A viable alternative for those who don’t wish to provide collateral.

A Guaranteed Approval Credit Card for Credit Repair

Although an easy to get credit card may not have the same terms as a mainstream card, it is possible to use it to rebuild credit. An instant decision credit card can be used to rebuild credit as each lender will report to credit reference agencies. The more payments that are made punctually, the higher the borrower’s score will become. This may mean that person will become eligible for a more competitive deal in the future.

Pros and Cons of Low Credit Score Credit Cards

Easy to get credit cards may not enjoy terms that are as competitive, but they offer a way to recover from a poor credit history. A secured credit card offers lower interest and charges because of the provision of collateral. Others may prefer a prepaid card, especially if they aren’t very good with money and want to avoid debt. The only real problem with a prepaid card is that it won’t help with credit repair. It is important to decide which factor is most important and whether any negatives make it a viable option.

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