While it may not be your choice to put on lanyards and badge holders at work, you do not have to wear the same old lanyards and badge holders all year round. It quickly becomes a bad fashion accessory, and it may not even go well with your outfit or uniform. Assuming your company does not prohibit creativity, there are a couple of styles that are available if you just look around and so some shopping for lanyards and badge holders.

Stylish Lanyards and Badge Holders

Although the notion of lanyards and badge holders has been around for a long time, you can be sure that there are currently styles that are available that flow with the fashion trends of the day. You can find lanyards and badge holders that will match almost every outfit in your closet. Lanyards are typically made from cotton, nylon or polyester. These are the least expensive materials.


You can also get shoe-lace type lanyards and badge holders, which work really well for young people. They are both casual and comfortable, which makes them suitable for the young and young at heart. These lanyards and badge holders also come in a range of colors and can be worn to complement or match an outfit. Casual dressing is really the most variable style of dressing that is available, and the range of lanyards and badge holders are not restrictive either.


In corporate settings, you will want to look a little more official, since you probably have to wear official outfits to work. Casual lanyards and badge holders will be inappropriate in such situations, but this does not mean that there is no option for you. Beaded lanyards and badge holders are pretty classy and can match well with office outfits, the same way that beaded jewelry are appropriate for official wear.


However, when it comes to beaded lanyards and badge holders, you should be careful to go for quality products. There are a lot of cheap beaded lanyards and badge holders on sale, and their beauty might be catching, as well as the price. The problem with cheap beaded lanyards and badge holders will be discovered a few days or weeks depending on the use. They will suddenly cut, sending the beads flying every which way. This can be very embarrassing, especially if you are at work or worse yet, when making a presentation.


You can also find braided lanyards and badge holders. These are very intricately made, and if you go for those that are braided by hand, you are sure to get very exquisite pieces that are unlikely to go unnoticed. Hand-braided lanyards and badge holders will come at an extra cost, but the durability and quality will more than make up for that.


All you have to do is look around at Southern Girls Gifts. Look at all the options and user reviews, and you are about to own your next best accessory. Finding stylish lanyards and badge holders should not be a problem.

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