SEO Article Writing

What is SEO Article Writing?

Learn SEO article writing to help you market yourself, services or product more efficiently. Help with understanding SEO strategies.

When working as a freelance writer it is common to come across requests for SEO articles or web content. This can mean many things to different people so it may not be safe to assume to know what one client may want in regards to SEO article writing. First and foremost is the importance of closely reading and following the direction of each order that needs to be fulfilled.

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. This is a perfect description of the aim in SEO article writing. Optimizing creative content to create better statistics on page rankings as well as rankings on large search engines.

Why is SEO Writing Important?

When attempting to market a business, product or service, targeting for keywords that people may do a search engine query on is the main goal. Often an SEO writer receives their keywords the client may want SEO. The writer would then provide the placement of the key words into an SEO article. It is common to have the keyword placements go as follows:

  • Keyword in the title, the first sentence, the body, and the last sentence.
  • Keyword in the title, the first paragraph, the body, and the last sentence.
  • Keyword in the first and last sentence as well as an overall density for the entire SEO article.

The last one will require the usage of a keyword density checker. Most common are request for SEO articles that contain a 2% to 4% keyword density.

How Much Should I SEO Articles?

There are some usual practices that are formulated by years of trial and errors for those who are trying to corner the market on pushing their sites to the top of search engines by writing content that is keyword rich and SEO. To overload, your content with too many keywords is actually detrimental. Specifically, using too many different keywords or keyword phrases will only cause confusion in search engine web crawlers that are trying to classify the information on your site.

It is best to create SEO articles with the below tips in mind.

  1. Never jeopardize the integrity of the article with the over usage of the same keyword or keyword phrase
  2. On average, when creating the basic SEO article, plan on adding one keyword phrase per every one hundred words of the article length

These techniques will allow for maximum benefit without destroying the SEO capabilities with too much overload.

The Need for SEO Article Writing

The need for this content creation technique is ever growing as more businesses move into their online stores and service websites. Perfecting the techniques may be a requirement for continuing in a freelance writing career. Pay rates also tend to increase for SEO article writers who utilize their knowledge and skills in this manner.

An SEO article writer can and most certainly will notice an increase in pay as well as steady work once the most imperative SEO techniques have been helpful to the clients by way of increased traffic to their websites.

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