Sometimes the desire to change your look appears. You change the hairstyle, its color, buy new clothes — but it’s so simple and not as effective as — changing your eye color. People say, “Eyes are the window to the soul.” So, probably, with the change of their color, the perception of the world will change as well. Women can’t be the same every day; they’re used to changing for their mood rise and their beloved man. To change the color of one’s eyes is as essential as to change the hairstyle. So, if you want to make your eyes naturally light, grey, blue or green, you simply can buy colored contacts for dark eyes.

Contact Lens Concept by Da VinciA Bit of History

The history of contact lenses started in 1508 with now-famous Leonardo da Vinci invented lenses that could change the optical properties of an eye. And in 1887, the doctor and inventor F. Muller used glass lenses in practice.

The first glass lenses covered the entire eye area, that was not so comfortable and had some negative consequences. And in 1947 small contact lenses were invented.

Modern contact lenses allow a person with low vision to feel more confident. They can be used not only to improve vision but to change eye color as well. That’s why contact lenses are in high demand all over the world, and some ladies can’t imagine their life without them.

What kinds of contact lenses exist?

Nowadays, contact lenses are not uncommon. Anyone can change their eye color for any other color they like, as the Acuvue contact lenses, we see today. Acquisition of the lenses doesn’t necessarily show that one has bad sight. The manufacturers offer such colored contact lenses as:

Also, there are lenses with pictures for carnivals. If your eyes are dark, you should choose bright lenses with colored toning. If you don’t want to change the color but make it more significant, you should choose shaded contacts. New contact lenses for dark eyes look rather naturally. They have different shades, stripes. After long-time research, the manufacturers of contact lenses reached the conclusion that natural eye color with a dark circle around the iris and a gold-ringed pupil is the most beautiful eye pattern.

How to choose the best colored contacts for dark eyes?

Selecting a new color of your eyes, you should remember several important points to make your eyes look natural and realistic:

  • Skin color – if you have a light complexion, the light shades of green, navy blue or blue-green shades will suit you well.  Blue or purple lenses will suit people with ordinary complexion. Amethyst and sapphire color, as well as dark green and dark blue, will look good if your complexion is dark.
  • The frequency of wearing colored lenses – you need to decide how often you’re going to wear colored contact lenses. If you want to change eye color on a specific event or holiday – make a stunning choice in favor of green, blue or purple and surprise others with unusual bright eyes. If you plan a constant (daily) wear of colored lenses – do not overwhelm others with unusual bright colors that do not blend well with your appearance. In this case, the lenses of walnut or dark green color will suit you more. For example, amethyst, or a tone lighter your natural eye color.

To change the color of dark eyes is, obviously, a bit more complicated than of light ones. If the blue-eyed people can often achieve the desired result simply by using shaded lenses, the owners of dark eyes in most cases have to pay more attention to color lenses. But it’s not a problem nowadays – fortunately, the variety of colored contacts for dark eyes is wide enough to be able to find exactly what you want. It may take time, of course, but the result is worth it.

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